General Demolition

Our demolition processes are carefully pre-planned to minimize noise and pollution while preserving valuable elements for reuse purposes. We have a reputation for delivering trusted service, performing our work in an efficient way and following standards of good practice in health and safety.

If you are renovating or repurposing a room, our interior demolition service provided by our experienced team can prepare that space without harming any surrounding areas.

But before any demolition activities can take place, there are many steps that must be carried out beforehand; and our carefully planned work and methods constantly results in satisfied clients.


Construction sites and restorations require a secure perimeter and a visual barrier into your project. Perimeter fencing can make a difference in safety and professionalism of a construction site or special event. JCQ Services, Inc. supplies and installs galvanized chain link fences with gates, and for privacy, we add knitted polyethylene mesh windscreen.

Within our services, we provide:

A. Chain Link Fences & Safety Swing Gates

For proper security, temporary fencing must not only look strong, but it must also be strong as well. The strength of our temporary fences and experience has made us the obvious choice for many contractors and corporations.

B. Windscreen

(also known as scrim or privacy screen) provides a reliable barrier when blowing winds might cause disruptions to construction activities. This type of fence can also greatly reduce the possibility of theft by blocking the view of potential thieves.

C. Wooden Barricades

This is another choice to provide privacy and protection while you’re refurbishing or your repairs are still in process. Our barricades are trusted by thousands of customers and have being used in five-star hotels and resorts, theme parks, shopping malls, parking garages and construction zones.

Our carefully planned work and methods constantly results in satisfied clients.



JCQ Services is committed to offering outstanding personalized customer service suited just for your needs.

We value our customers and believe you deserve the best service and our full attention.

Our customer service is available for any questions, comments, concerns or testimonials.

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